Reflection- Amanda Gorman @ Super Bowl

Two nights ago I heard Amanda Gorman speak again at the Super Bowl. And like everyone else, I heard her speak a few weeks ago at the inaugeration. Her words are so powerful… so inspirational. I love how she can put together a poem, without the cheesy rhymes. A relevant poem. And her gestures she adds are so elegant.

This line from her poem, really stood out me:

We celebrate them by acting

With courage and compassion,

By doing what is right and just.

She talked about a nurse, educator, and someone who opens his home for at-risk kids. She lifted them up with her words, and helped the world see what they are doing. And then at the end, a call to action – We honor them by doing what is right and just.

I question at times, especially during COVID, when people should be coming together and lifting each other up, what people see as “right and just”.

I know we are all just trying to do our best. But I question if people would just open their eyes and pay attention to others, would they still make the same decisions they do?

Sometimes it might be the brain that is doing the talking, but people need to listen to their hearts. And maybe, just maybe, they will see the facts and the scientists and realize what they should do. Like Gorman said, we need to do what is right and just. We need to care about others. And ALL the time, but especially during these times, we need to give a little to help out this world.

2 thoughts on “Reflection- Amanda Gorman @ Super Bowl

  1. Ananda Gorman’s presentation skills take me back to high school when poetry interpretation was a competitive event. Saying “do what is right and just” reminds me we can’t as a country agree on the meaning of these words. I marvel at the science deniers and try to understand those who won’t follow public health mandates, and I’m angry at them, too. For them “right and just” is centered on their interpretation w/ little regard for others. It’s the hardest part of the pandemic.


  2. You are so right! The fact that such a young girl with a force of words can possibly hopefully initiate change and lead us as a nation to justice is inspiring. Thanks for the reminder of the depth of her words and meaning.


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