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Frivolous Writing

This NY Times article came to my inbox yesterday and described my feelings EXACTLY. I have not been feeling the writing lately. I feel like all my topics are so frivolous when there are so many more serious things happening in the world. Should I really be writing about nail polish when a friend ofContinue reading “Frivolous Writing”

Licorice Pizza & Spring Nails

When I thought about writing and let my mind wander, I thought about getting my nails done. How frivilous- haha. I will not write a whole post on that. But it is a good, mindless, question- green for St. Patrick’s day or a typical neutral color??? So instead… let me talk about something deeper. LicoriceContinue reading “Licorice Pizza & Spring Nails”

Deep Thoughts

Sometimes students are thinking deeper thoughts than we can imagine. I currently have a cold sore happening on my lip. Last Monday was the first day we were able to shed our masks if we chose. I was thinking, “Oh geesh- no maks- and a big cold sore.” I told myself that people probably wouldContinue reading “Deep Thoughts”

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