Licorice Pizza & Spring Nails

When I thought about writing and let my mind wander, I thought about getting my nails done. How frivilous- haha. I will not write a whole post on that. But it is a good, mindless, question- green for St. Patrick’s day or a typical neutral color??? So instead… let me talk about something deeper. LicoriceContinue reading “Licorice Pizza & Spring Nails”

Santana the Snowflake

By: Heather Zimmerman I wrote this story over multiple quick write days in a class. Enjoy! “Beep, beep,” said Santana, the little snowflake.  “I am on my way down.”“Mom,” yelled Santana’s sister, “when do we get there?”“Just keep falling honey,” Mom said. “Hey! There are some more kids down there for you to meet.” “Yay!”Continue reading “Santana the Snowflake”

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