April 6- Thoughts

I started writing for TWT blog- Slice of Life in March. The goal was to write for 31 days. And I did it! I began to think about some of my other goals- connecting with God on a daily basis and practicing my Spanish. Maybe this is my place to do it. The strangest thing, as I started writing this and went to look up a Bible verse, there was a new daily guided prayer feature on the Bible App. So I set a reminder and will also use that. I will set this blog up into different sections, so you can read what appeals to you. I hope to still do a little free writing too. This might be be every day, but I hope it focuses me on what I need.

Free Write

The sun shines down
The heat is all around
Since it’s only April it is a tease
In the midwest, we will probably still get snow up to our knees
But while it is here, I will enjoy away
And smile bright on this day.


“The Lord is my portion,” says my soul, therefore I will hope in him.” Lamentations 3:24 ESV

Bible App prayer guide: What does it mean to place your hope in God?
God is there for me. He fills me. He will do what is right for me. Even though it is not always easy I need to trust that he has me on the right path. I know sometimes sin will get in the way, but I need to trust if I trust in him, he will always put me back on the right path and love me.


*I am not fluent in Spanish. I am learning with a tutor through the website called, Verbling. My tutor is in Venezuela and patiently helping me to learn. This section is more for myself and to hold myself accountable to work on Spanish daily. I will try to write mostly on my own, but use SpanishDict.com for help.

Leyendo un articulo acerca de fiestas. El articulo es en Newsela. Es un poco dificil. El ariculo dice hoy es Día Nacional de los Bibliotecarios. Bibliotecarios trabajan duro a que aprenden acerca de muy libros. Necesitan a saber mucho acerca de libros.

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