The Poor Deer

*Warning: Some content might be seen as graphic regarding this poor deer I saw.

Cars braking around us
sllllowwwing down

We look around
deer crossing
two front legs
back legs

Our chest tightens
hearts sink
I reach for my phone
need to Google the police department number
we see a police car
driving on the other side of the median
set phone down
“There has to be a sanctuary, where they can take it to rehab,”
we say

Drive home
weighing on heart
fingers mentally cross
the deer has to be gone…OK

Fingers uncross
no sanctuary for this deer

3 thoughts on “The Poor Deer

  1. Poor thing. I’ve seen that happen and it’s just heartbreaking. And your image of the fingers crossing, then…uncrossing with the realization. That image – it’s going to stick with me a while…

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  2. My dad once told me that at one point, everyone who lives in Wisconsin will hit a deer. I think that he is right. I have had this happen, too… it’s awful.

    I like how you played with the spacing in this post – so effective!

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  3. I’ve known a couple of people who have hit deer. It was traumatic for each of them. You really capture the emotional impact….and I assume you are all ok.


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