Snowy Quacks

Glancing outside the window this morning, I saw white on the ground. Frost or snow? I looked up at the roofs of the houses. Then back at the ground. Legit, snow.

Oh man, I thought. We are just starting spring break. I have had an itch to vacation to Florida, as I have seen my Facebook feed scattered with palm trees, swimsuits, and oceans. But, I know I am not up for travel-mode yet. But snow. My thoughts flipped to of course now. Not until May do I start to feel like snow PROBABLY will not happen.

Then I hear the most pathetic, “Quack, quack, quack, quack.”

I look outside and see a female duck quacking away. Her webbed feet leaving tracks through the snow. Awww, I thought. Is she irked because of the snow too? I get it girl, I say. For a moment, I think about how her mate is not waddling and squaking with her.

I choose to think, and hope, he just did not want to hear her quacking up a storm about the snow.

OK… I should take note. I know it will be gone soon too. Embrace the day!

10 thoughts on “Snowy Quacks

  1. I like the way you think about whether you and the duck are feeling the same way about the snow. You even show empathy. Sounds like you. learned a lesson from your duck encounter, “OK… I should take note. I know it will be gone soon too. Embrace the day!”. I hope the snow melts quickly.

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  2. Poor duck. And poor you. Nature is so fickle sometimes. Just when you think it’s the end of something, it comes right back at you. It is good to know you are on the upswing, though.


  3. “Girl, I get it.” made me chuckle. I too am an animal whisperer from time to time. Judging by your “May” comment, you’re either a Midwestern or Northeastern. My birthday is Cinco De Mayo and I cannot begin to count how many B-days were snow filled.

    C’est la Vie.

    Joshua C

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  4. The snow after 70* days is such a blow to morale. I am so sorry you woke up to this – you captured my feelings exactly! ALSO isn’t it something seeing social media feeds that brings out mini-jealousy? I am the same way and find that during spring break I just can’t deal with others’ vacations. THANK YOU for writing this relatable post!


  5. I feel you on this one! Living in the Chicago area, we can also expect snow and frost through the beginning of May. I don’t like to be a cynical person, but every time it warms up around here I’m thinking, “yeah, but there’s probably another cold snap coming through, so don’t put away that winter stuff yet…”

    And…poor ducks. All they want is a little sunshine. Is that so wrong?

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