The Deal

Don’t you love when you get a good deal on something?! Today I was deeply debating myself if I should get this red sweater on the clearance rack for men at the Gap Outlet. I love shopping on the men’s rack for a “boyfriend sweater/sweathsirt” look. The tag said $15.99 and was an extra 30% off. Certainly not a “yes for sure” price at the Gap Outlet clearance rack.

But it was red… almost a heathered red. I could sport it when the Badgers played. I did not find many other goodies today. I decided- yes- let’s get it.

My mom and I went to the checkout and I was thinking about the total as we walked away from the register. I looked at the receipt and the sweater came up for 99 cents.

So glad I decided not to leave that sweater behind. Score!

7 thoughts on “The Deal

  1. Yes! That is my absolute favorite, when you think you have a great deal and it works out even better! Great find! This happened to me at Target a few months ago when I wanted a hot pink sweater for Valentine’s Day. It was marked down to $10 already, but when I checked out it was $4!

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  2. 99 CENTS!? You hit the JACKPOT with that one. And Adrienne is right – the sweater is all the more wonderful because there is now a story attached to it. That’s the best kind. Enjoy it!


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