I am Stuck

2013 – San Francisco Tour Bus

My husband and I were taking a tour of San Francisco. We do not usually do the tour bus, but there was so much we wanted to see. With it being our first time in San Francisco, we thought this would be a good route to go.

It was a beautiful day. Top of the bus, wind blowing, and sun shining.

We were going through Golden Gate Park, and I went to stand up. The seat pulled on the back of my legs. I put my weight back into the seat. I slowly tried to pick up one leg. It was stuck to the seat. The sun, the sweat, the bus seat… my leg… not a good combo.

“Honey, my legs are stuck to the seat.”

“What?” he said as he looked down at the situation.

Like ripping a bandaid off, I made a quick stand up. I only lost a little skin in the situation, and it made for a funny memory of our bus ride tour.

6 thoughts on “I am Stuck

  1. Yee-ouch! Getting stuck to vinyl seats is NO picnic. But here you are, living to tell the tale and getting a great story out of the deal to boot! It reminds me of when I was growing up. Our station wagon had vinyl seats, and on hot, humid St. Louis summer days, I burned myself often getting into AND out of that car. Ah, memories…

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  2. I thought this was going to be a slice about not having anything to write, and I laughed when it was about losing some skin to a seat on a bus. I completely appreciated the build up to the stand up and rip that leg away from the seat!

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