Learning Spanish

At the beginning of the pandemic I started taking Spanish lessons. I had taken Spanish lessons in middle school, high school, and one year of Spanish 1 again in college. Not much stayed in my brain.

I really want to learn how to speak Spanish, so I can better communicate with some of my students.

I have been taking lessons now for a year. I go through a website called Verbling. My tutor, Carlos is in Venezuela. I love learning so much about the language and the culture. But…

Have you ever wanted to quit something so many times? That is how I feel about Spanish. It is getting so challenging. And the worse part about is that I just do not have the time to practice every day. I take lessons three times a week, but that is not enough to make much movement.

I refuse to give up on these lessons. I really to progress to conversational Spanish. I hope over spring break and also summer, I can buckle down into studying a lot more, so I can make movement.

Is there anything you tried to take on, and are still doing or decided it was not for you?

7 thoughts on “Learning Spanish

  1. Learning a language certainly does require a lot of dedication! As a bilingual former Spanish teacher, I will tell you that it’s absolutely worth it. You don’t just gain a new way of talking, you gain new understanding about the world and a more flexible brain. And yet, I also completely understand your wondering whether or not you really want to keep going, especially now. The world is so heavy, and it is definitely work.

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  2. Keep at it. I have learned both French and Spanish. French people will tell you each and every mistake you make. Spanish speakers say “Oh, you speak out language so beautifully!”. Your families will appreciate whatever you can manage.

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  3. I have a few things like that – Spanish is one of them. I took a course in college after having 4 years’ worth of French. It was kind of a disaster. I wound up giving my answers in half-and-half French and Spanish. There are actually several things that I’ve learned to do and have moved on from: Spanish, ice hockey, running…in some moments, I feel like I’ve quit and walked away. Other times, I’m grateful for things I let go. Keep us posted!

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