My post today was inspired by Trina’s question, which asked “What technology tools have you used to connect with loved ones during the pandemic?”. I started writing in the comments and figured I could make a whole post on the GrandPad.

Have you ever heard of the GrandPad? I just learned about this cool gadget last December. I am in no way connected to the marketing for this. 🙂 I just think it is a great idea.

Basically it is an i-Pad for people who struggle with technology and also fine motor skills. My family got one for my grandma who is in a nursing home.

Some cool features is that you do not have to try to plug in the GrandPad into a small charging cord. You set it down on the charger. Also, from what I understand (I have not physically seen my grandma is over a year- but I did hear she can get visitors now) the person who is in charge of the GrandPad can add and delete apps. My mom is that person. So she added certain games, there is a Facebook like wall with only pictures that her family can add, and we can video call each other. There is also an email feature, but she does not know how to do that. I also heard there is a certain security feature, so hackers cannot call it.

I just talked to my mom today and she was going to visit my grandma. I told her she should should Grandma how to “like” a picture so we can at least know she sees it.

I was just thinking, how do I wrap this post up now….what would I tell the kids? Haha. The End. 😉

A post I made on the GrandPad.

3 thoughts on “GrandPad

  1. This is amazing! My mom is super tech-savvy, but she has lots of friends in her retirement community who aren’t. I only wish they had this gadget.

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