Happy Thoughts Boogie Dancing

I was debating what to write about today. Do you ever have it where you get an idea, and it instantly slips out of your mind a few minutes later? That happens to me more than I care to admit. And then I was reading this lovely post about crocheting- https://thislatinaslife.wordpress.com/2021/03/23/pineapples-and-crochet/
and I thought maybe I could tell you about how whenever I see the word crochet, I am brought back to a time, in middle school, no one caught on, but I am almost positive I unintentionally threw a “t” in the middle of that word. Ugh!

Instead of that story, I think I am going to share what is dancing in my mind tonight. I am soooo happy to have our students back full time! This year we just switched to trimesters at the high school, and I honestly was feeling a bit stressed last month about this. I noticed that at the end of tri 1 and tri 2, I was JUST getting to know the students and then the tri was over. Would I ever feel the same connections to kids that I did during semesters or full years with them? We started tri 3 with our kids back five days a week. AND we are two weeks in, and I feel like I know the kids just as well as I did my other groups at the END of the tri. Sweet sweet bliss. This is why we teach!

Today was a dress up day. Staff sported the teen look, freshmen the babies, sophomores the toddlers, juniors were adults, and seniors were senior citizens. To see our seniors with their walkers crossing the street and to see our juniors clicking down the hall in heels, brought a smile to my face. Seriously, this is what we needed- fun and laughter.

I am very much for science, masks, social distancing, protecting others from the very real COVID, and did not know what the right answer was when it came to schooling. But to have my heart full again in the classroom, reminded me that it will get better. Our purpose for teaching is still there. It might just be hidden for some of us, under layers of protection. But it will come back.

5 thoughts on “Happy Thoughts Boogie Dancing

  1. Thanks for this post of your dancing thoughts! I have good slice ideas slide in and out of my mind all day as well, but it sounds like the right one stuck with you today. Glad that you are enjoying the return and the sounds and sights in the hallway again.

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  2. Same with my ideas sliding in and out. I couldn’t wait to get home to start row 5 of my pineapple pattern. Haha adding a T, I’ve almost done that.
    I can’t wait to see what it’s like when our kids come back 5 days on April 7, to have kid sounds in the building again1

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  3. I am going to remember your enthusiasm about being back as we begin the process of returning to buildings next month. I sure hope we do some spirit days. They just aren’t the same online.

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  4. Spirit days!! A bit more normalcy… I cannot wait until school seems a bit more normal. I still miss that. I enjoyed hearing all of the joy shining through your writing today.

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  5. So glad the transition back to in-person learning has been good for you! Like you, I was wary when we first were going back – which we actually did back in August. There was a LOT of anxiety floating around. There still is, but it really is good to see the kids’ (half-) faces back! Here’s hoping for more weeks of bonding and enjoyment!


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