Grandpa to the Rescue

“Stinky,” my grandpa started, “You are going to be upset at your grandfather.”

The year was 2007. I was lounging across my bed in my apartment. My phone on speaker. I tried to think what he could have possibly done. Maybe he did something that was not good for his health. “Oh no…,” I replied.

“I called the Chancellor’s office your school,” he said.

In my first year of teaching, I had issues finializing a certification in my degree. I had done everything the school asked me to, but the Department of Public Instruction said the University was missing a few things for their list. It was a hot mess, as this certification was part of why I was hired at my new job.

“You did what?” I asked.

“Well I tried to talk to him, but the secretary would not let me. But I told her everything that needed to be done.”

I paused. My original thought was, “Oh no.” I could not help smiling though. I could just picture this conversation taking place. My grandpa showed his strong side when it came to politics and standing up for us.

Within the next few weeks the issue was resolved and my certification was stamped, sealed, delivered. Thank you grandpa! (One of my favorite memories of him.)

8 thoughts on “Grandpa to the Rescue

  1. Your beginning definitely hooks the reader! It’s a great story that shows how much your grandfather cared about you; I can see why it would be a favorite memory.

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  2. What a sweet slice – the way you lovingly portray your Grandpa is wonderful. I think the first line is what captures it all: the pet name, him doing something on your behalf even though you wouldn’t have let him otherwise. Thanks for this smile today.

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