A Dog Peed on my Shoe

On one visit to San Francisco, my husband and I had a delayed flight on the way home. The delay was about 10 hours, if I remember correctly. The day was already not going great, as I woke up with a stiff neck. We decided to bring our luggage, jump on the Bart and head to Berkley to visit the campus and make the most of the delay.

On the way back from the campus, there was a couple sitting in front of us with a baby. We could hear them smiling and giggling, and they held up, in a covert way, a tiny puppy. Looking away from the puppy, we could see a group of teenagers come onto the subway. With speakers in hand, they started playing music and showing off their moves. As I watched them steppin’, I suddenly felt something warm on my foot. I realized something was dripping between the seat in front of me, just as the couple in front of me said, “Oh no, our puppy is peeing.”

“He peed on my shoe,” I said in shock, as I turned my whole body with my stiff neck towards my husband.

As apologies flooded my way, they handed me wet wipes to try to clean off the mess. I wiped it off as best as I could, but my shoe and socks were still wet, and I was a bit disgusted with thought I was just peed on. I totally knew it was not the owner’s fault and was not upset them with them- just grossed out. I knew it was early evening and our flight was not leaving until almost midnight.

When we got off the subway, we asked a worker if we could leave the station, and come back in to get on the train, so we could go run into Target. He looked at us like that was not an option. I explained we were waiting for a flight, a dog peed on my shoe, and I needed new socks.

“Wait a second…,” he said. “A dog… a DOG… peed on your shoe? On the subway? Do you want to fill out a complaint card.”

“No,” I said. “Just fresh socks would be great.”

He let us exit. I got fresh socks, sanitized my foot in the airport bathroom when we got there, and was ready to wait for the next few hours for our flight. It was a bit of a twist, but a humorous story, in our adventure.

6 thoughts on “A Dog Peed on my Shoe

  1. A long time ago I read about a study that was done on people trying to cut in line. What they discovered was that if someone asked for a favor of a stranger, they were most likely to be turned down. But, they also learned that if someone asked for a favor of a stranger AND gave a reason or explanation, the stranger would almost always grant the favor. Your story is the perfect example of this theory in action.


  2. Oh heavens. This DOES sound like quite an adventure. It sounds like you handled the whole situation with as much grace as could be expected from someone one their way to the airport and having a dog pee on their shoe. Glad and grateful for the worker who gave YOU that bit of grace in return. Safe travels!


  3. Heather!! I didn’t realize that you were blogging! It was so fun to see your name pop up. Your story made me laugh, and I can just imagine this! Trina

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